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Maha speaks in detail about 10

Introduction to Maha's Teachings
Part 1: Introduction
Introduction to Maha's Teachings
Part 3: First Siddhi
Atma Yoga Seminar
Part 3: Mechanics of the Soul
Siddhi Meditation
Part 7: Vashitva, KamaRutatva and Anumimatvam

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Maha briefly mentions 10

Angeology Seminar
Part 7: Sandalphon

Kundalini and Kama-Chakra
Part 1: Multiple Levels of Desire

Part 3: The Origin of Existence

Creative Forces
Part 9: Third Series (Qo Re Shi Th)

ESP and Supernatural Abilities
Part 2: ESP Mechanics

Various videos
Part 0: Heaven and Hell

Emotional Integration
Part 3: The Inner Field